A beautiful dining set could be the pride of your house if you choose it well. It occupies a considerable space and therefore you should consider the available space and its usage in the house. A dining set with wooden finish and intricate design looks best in all sorts of homes. Similarly, a long dining table with tall cushioned chairs add in the grandeur of the house. Dining Chairs- The dining chairsshould be of the same elegance and grace as your dining table. Tall chairs with an upholstered cushioned seat and rich wooden finish add in the overall look of your house. As per your preference, you can opt for a cushioned or a wooden back for your chairs. You can also experiment with its designs and fabric. For example, you can opt for an intricately carved dining chair or a velvet cushioned chair. Storage Sideboards - A storage sideboard is the perfect piece of furniture to keep your dining room uncluttered and organized. You can conveniently store ketchup bottles, extra cutlery, napkins and pickles in this cabinet when not in use to avoid unnecessarily cramming your dining table. Crockery Cabinets - An elegant crockery cabinetis the pride of a living room where you can proudly showcase your crockery collection conveniently.

Eating together not only strengthens the bond but also helps in creating new memories. A dining table is one such furniture that brings together the entire family during dinners after a long, tough day. You all can now share your day's moments and laugh over the silliest of jokes while you enjoy a delicious meal.

Veracity International Furniture offers a wide collection of modern dining tables in different shapes, materials, designs, sizes, and color finishes. You can find a dinner table that will fit best for your family's needs. With a wall-mounted or a folding dining table, you can now easily create a dining area even within a smaller space. If you are a family of 3 to 4, you can go for a small-sized 4 seater dining table. For a medium to large-sized family, you have options in 6 seater dining tables. If you host frequent guests for dinner parties, it would be best to choose either a 6 or 8 seater dining table.

The shape of the dining table plays a vital role in deciding the look of your entire room. You can bedeck your small living room with an oval or a round dining table. This way, your living room would look a little spacious. In case of an outdoor setup, you can pick up something from the contemporary collection of square-shaped small dining tables. You can even go for plastic dining tables, as they are the safest option considering the changing weather outside

If you have a separate spacious dining room, then going for a rectangle dining table would be a great choice. Wooden dining tables are all-time classiest options to go for, as they blend well with any decor style. From traditional intricate detailing to modern, quirky cross-legs, they are a perfect long-term investment. Glass dining tables also look good when paired with geometric wooden or metal chairs.

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